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Hello Everyone!

I’m Teacher Eric! Let’s begin a new season of songs and togetherness. I’m new to New Orleans, after several years singing in New York City, and I’m so excited to share my music for young people with this wonderful city. 

Singable Kids with Teacher Eric presents music for babies and other young people of all ages. Teacher Eric leads a 45-minute grownup-&-me class nearly every day for the very young people (and young at heart! kids from one to ninety-two!) among us.

We sing the classics, like ’The ABCs’ and ‘Itsy Bitsy Spider’ and ‘Baby Beluga,’ but we also write new songs for young people, and create creative hybrid-tunes, like our beloved mash-up of ‘Goodnight Moon’ by Margaret Wise-Brown and ‘Harvest Moon’ by Neil Young, or our animal-in-the-park version of Tom Petty’s perfect song; our version is, of course, called ‘American Squirrel.’

Wait a minute!

Wait a minute, do I do Birthday Parties and Private Classes? Yes! Write me at

Hold the phone, do I do Private and Semi-Private Classes, for individual students and small groups? Yes! Send me a note!

Hold on, hold your horses, is there some sort of Email Newsletter to update you about new classes or recordings? Yes indeed! Send me a note to tell me you want in.


‘The Teacher Eric EP’ is available now! You should buy it if you want to! 6 songs for 6 dollars. 

Go to or search for ‘Teacher Eric’ on Spotify or Apple.

I hope to see you and your young ones in the park!


Teacher Eric

Teacher Eric’s Schedule

Mondays – City Park at 3pm

Tuesdays – City Park at 3pm

Thursdays – Audubon Park at 1pm 

Saturdays – City Park at 10am

*I’ve decided to discontinue my Wednesday and Friday classes! Apologies for any inconvenience!*


Classes in City Park will happen near the restrooms and the playground by the ‘Morning Call’ building. Maybe you’ll want to bring something to sit on. I like to sit in a little circle in the grass, by the water!

Classes in Audubon Park will happen in the Northeast part of the park, near the corner of St. Charles and Exposition, by the playground and restrooms.

I’m new to town and very open-minded! If you have opinions or ideas about locations or time-frames, I welcome your input. I’m here to serve and support the youngsters; let’s advocate for them together!

When it comes to the weather, I’ll announce cancellations via email to those who have joined my email list (if you’d like to join, just send me a note). If it’s too rainy for a wooden guitar, it’s likely class will be cancelled. 

Email me with questions!

Bring Your Friends To Class!

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It’s ok to come late or leave early. For my outdoor classes, I think it’s ok to pay less than the full amount if you attend less than the full class.
Better to come for part of class than miss the whole class because you’re running late!
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